vomitus (plural vomita)

  1. (medicine) Vomit, the product of an emesis.
    The dry cleaner was informed that the stain on her coat was baby vomitus.

7 letters in word "vomitus": I M O S T U V.

No anagrams for vomitus found in this word list.

Words found within vomitus:

io ios is ism iso it its mi mis miso mist mo moi moist moit moits mos most mot mots motu motus mou mous moust mu muist mus musit muso must mut muti mutis muts oi om omit omits oms os ostium ou oust out outs ovist ovum si sim sit smit smout smut so som sot sou soum sout sov st stum sui suit sum sumo ti timous tis to tom toms tui tuis tuism tum tums um us ut utis uts vim vims vis visto vomit vomits vum vums